I work with a ton of brides who want to have gorgeous flowers at their wedding, but simply cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on florals! I get it. In addition to working with tons of great budget-friendly local Florists in the greater LA area, I can also create and design basic floral designs for my clients.

There are tons of resources for DIY Brides on how to create your own florals for your wedding, and while that seems like an appealing way to save money on your wedding, the reality is that any DIY projects for your wedding should be something you can finish at least a week before hand. So those cute crafts like personalized table numbers and escort cards are all a go-- anything you can pack up and be done with at least a week before the wedding is a golden touch, a great way to save some money and add your own personality to your wedding.

Flowers on the other hand need to be arranged either the day of, or at most one day before your wedding. Trust me-- with everything else going on, you do NOT want to up the night before your wedding at 3am creating bouquets and centerpieces while you wish you could get some rest before your big day! (And yes, I did learn this from experience!). Even if you have super amazing talented friends/sisters/moms who are great with floral arrangements, you also don't want to ask someone else close to you to have to stress on your big day about putting all the pieces together. You want to be able to have fun yourself, and provide a fun times for your family and friends.

So, that is where I can help! Think of my services as somewhere in between DIY and professional florist prices. Most florists charge by the bouquet, centerpiece etc. I charge a small, flat labor fee (Usually between $150-300, depending on the size and scope of your floral needs) and then you just pay the wholesale cost of the florals. I source from the DTLA Floral Markets, online vendors and local growers, to find the best deals. Let's chat more about vendor recommendations for Florals/Decor, or see if I can help your design this part of your special day at a price point that work of you!