Seven Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner & Other Wedding Professionals!

There are tons of great wedding blogs out there that give you ideas on what you should ask wedding pros before you book them. Here are some of the most common and important questions you should ask, along with my responses. Feel free to ask for more detail on these or any other questions you have.

1. How much do you cost?

Many wedding vendors don't list their prices online, or make you go through several rounds of communications before giving you a quote. When I was a bride, I found that really frustrating, so I like to be upfront about my pricing and packages and what you can expect. I can help you to evaluate what other vendor's pricing and contracts include, because every vendorʼs package includes different items and services. And price can be relative when you factor in experience, expertise, and reputation. So many people in the wedding industry run their own small business and prices really vary widely! If you take a look around, not everyone is transparent about their pricing and many in this industry will not work with you at all to negotiate their rates. I am committed to offering fair and transparent services and pricing my work at rates that most brides can afford, especially those who don’t have huge budgets! Many wedding vendors shy away from the word budget. I myself didn’t have a huge wedding budget, and I learned so much ways to save during your wedding planning that I want to pass along great cost saving ideas to my clients!

 2. How much is the deposit? When is the balance due?

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. The deposit to work with me is usually half the total rate, and is due upon signing the contract. The balance will be due thirty days prior to your wedding.

3. What specifically is included in the cost?

The lowest cost isnʼt necessarily the best deal, because packages will vary from vendor to vendor. Some higher quotes will include services that you have to pay for in other vendorsʼ packages. I outline everything in my contract so that you understand all that is included. I am also happy to adjust services in advance to suit all of your needs, as long as we discuss it before-hand so we both know what to expect on your wedding day! In addition, I will work with you so that you can ask all of your vendors the right questions to ensure they provide the right services for you, and you don't get any surprise costs for other vendors.

 4. Is my deposit refundable? What happens if I cancel?

It's a good idea to clearly understand with all vendors you book if the deposit is refundable and what happens if you need to cancel your wedding. Most deposits will be non-refundable, so be prepared for that if you suddenly decide to chuck it all up and elope. Generally, they are turning away other business to take yours, and the deposit covers some (not all) of that risk. For the most part, my deposit is non-refundable, and that is outlined clearly in my contract. However, if you have an emergency that comes up, I will ALWAYS try to find a way to work with you. My job is to keep you happy so together we can find a solution!

5. What happen if something happens to the Wedding Coordinator or another vendor?

With all vendors you work with, you want to know if they have a backup plan in case something happens to them. You want to know that they will they attempt to find someone within their network of professionals who can help them out in an emergency. In the unlikely case that I have an emergency comes up with anyone on the Burlap & Rose Weddings team, we always have a back-up plan! This includes a network of other trusted professionals and assistants who can help. You will never leave be stranded!

6. Do you use a contract?

You are looking for a very simple answer here: YES! If the answer is no, run away and do not give this person your money! A contract is designed to protect both you and the wedding professional. Verbal agreements will not hold up in court, so get something on paper! 

Of course, both clients and vendors should ALWAYS want to have clear expectations outlined in writing.

7. Are there any additional fees?

You want to ask every vendor you work with about taxes, travel fees, service charges, delivery fees, etc. Make sure you understand exactly what is included. This should be clearly defined in your contract. Keep in mind that reputable businesses pay taxes, so you should expect to pay state and local sales tax (if applicable) on any items or services you purchase.I will always state my rate upfront when you sign your contract. Unless you choose to add additional services, I will never tack on additional charges.