Additions, Transitions and Expansions


We are so excited to share some big news here at Burlap & Rose HQ! As it finally starts to feel like Autumn in Southern California, we’ve got Additions, Transitions and Expansions on the mind. The first 2.5 years of our business have been an amazing journey, and we are even more stoked for what is coming next!


We’re excited to share we’ll have a new, tiny staff member starting in February, when Baby Clary (BC) makes her debut!  We’ve been a family affair since Day One when I started my company with my husband, and later my tribe of four sisters, by my side. And soon, my mini-me Baby will be here too tagging along with her working Mama!

A new baby is really exciting for us, but we also understand many current and prospective clients might be asking, but what does this mean for our wedding? 

First, we want you to know we’ve got you covered in any and all circumstances! We are so excited by the amazing team of gals we’ve cultivated over the past several years. If you haven’t yet, take a look at our recently updated Meet the Team page and check out the snazzy Bios and Pics.

There are many wedding vendors, and wedding planners specifically, who operate as solo acts or one woman shows, and for some, that works well! However, we knew from our very beginnings we wanted to have a different, collaborative approach with our clients, by bringing not just one person’s expertise to their wedding, but a whole team of talented people. While I’ll be taking a few weeks off for Maternity Leave(liking around mid-February through mid-March, though exact timing will be determined by BC) my team will be monitoring all calls/emails/etc and keeping things on track for all of our clients!

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In addition to a new baby, The Clary’s will be moving to Austin! We’re so excited to grow into a new family home in Texas at the end of this year. Like many of our clients who are juggling the costs of planning a wedding with buying a new house and starting a new family, it’s exciting to get to that phase when it all comes together and we are there!  We’re also really excited to explore new wedding markets, like those in and around Austin. The Texas Hill Country beckons with tons of great outdoor venues, and Austin itself has some fun new venues in downtown and beyond. 

While we are still happily booking clients for 2018 and 2019 currently, another transition we are looking forward to: taking on less weddings! By taking on fewer weddings overall, this allows us to focus more on Partial and Full Service Planning, along with offering more Design and Florals options, while still offering some select Month-Of packages for those clients who take a more DIY/budget friendly approach. 

With a big move like this, you might also be be wondering, again… but what does that mean for our upcoming wedding? 


This is where our awesome team comes in once again! We aren’t closing up shop in LA, rather growing into the Austin market as well. In addition, we’ve been taking on more destination weddings around the U.S. Being so centrally located also opens us up to easier travel to some of our favorite places, like New Orleans, where we just had the pleasure of touring several great venues. We’re also that much closer to the East Coast, and happy to hep plan the perfect wedding in Florida, DC, New York or beyond! I’ll personally be back in LA several times over the coming year to be in person at weddings and venue walk-throughs, and for those meetings when I can’t be there, my team of gals will be available. 

We’re also offering discounted services with our Associate Planners as Lead Coordinators on Wedding Days. This tends to be a great win-win for everyone involved, as it allows us to offer  generous discounts off our usual rates, which helps those clients with smaller budgets, and it offers great leadership opportunities for more members of our team. The best part? I get to stay involved in the planning in the lead-up to your wedding, so you also get the wealth of knowledge that comes from working with an experienced planner(with over 75 weddings under my belt) at a much lower rate!

It’s an exciting time of year. As I write this in mid-November, we are gearing up for our last two weddings of the 2017 Wedding Season. Our first weddings of the 2018 season aren’t until late March/early April, which means we’ve got some precious time to regroup, take a breather, and focus on 2018 weddings! We are thrilled to have the time to re-write some of our materials, catch up on blogging our weddings of the past year, and really just figure out the best ways to offer more to our clients next year. In that vein, we’ll be taking a little time off around the holidays, see dates below. 

On behalf of everyone at the Burlap & Rose team, thanks for reading and sharing our journey!

Lots of Love,

Jen + Co

PS: Our Virtual Office will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holidays from Nov. 22-Nov. 27

We’ll be closed again for Christmas/New Years from Dec. 22— Jan. 2

Maternity Leave will likely be mid-Feb- mid March: exact dates TBD closer to the time!

During any of these times, please still feel free to call or email us— it will just take a little longer than usual to respond :)


Here's a photo of most of our team at a recent event at the SkySpace in DTLA!

Here's a photo of most of our team at a recent event at the SkySpace in DTLA!