Burlap & Rose: End of the Year Review!

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What a truly amazing year you were 2017...

And sometimes that takes setting aside the time for real reflection to remember it all. Thanks to all the great folks we got to work with to make it our best year yet! Here's a few photos and thoughts on some of the highlights! 

Love Wins Out

Yes, we knew that 2017 was going to have hardships with having a Cheeto as our President, but... one of the first major events of the year we helped create was LOVE WINS OUT, dreamt up by our friends as part of the LA Wedding Vendors and Creatives group. Jessica Schilling was the mastermind behind this event, and conceived it shortly after the election as a way to affirm LGBT/Queer couples and show solidarity in the face of oppression. Jessica writes: "Over 40 talented and generous members of LA Wedding Vendors and Creatives came together and donated time, products, and services to pull off stylish, sweet, and smooth elopements for five different couples. Lots of details of the beautiful flowers, decor, cakes and food and wine, and then all of us celebrating at a kickass dance party!" For more photos and a list of all vendors who participated, check out Jessica's fantastic recap!

The florals on the left were some of our creations for Love Wins Out! Photo by Jessica Schilling

The florals on the left were some of our creations for Love Wins Out! Photo by Jessica Schilling

Toasted Wedding Expo

We also helped put on two kick ass modern wedding expos early this year! In February, we partnered with a national wedding expo called Toasted to bring a fresh spin to wedding expos for the first time in LA! Hosted at one of our favorite venues, the Ruby Street, It was a smorgasbord of delights: bright florals, colorful designs and creations from our favorite wedding vendors friends! Natalja Kent of Two Moon Photography photogrpahed the day and we love her bright blog post that captured the essence of our expo.

The Bruncheon

Later in April, we were excited to partner with The Bruncheon to host their first annual expo in Los Angeles, where we were a featured florist and panelist. The recap video by Ace Wedding and photos by Amy Gray tell the story of a great vendor team sharing their expertise over brunch with dozens of almost married folks!

The Weddings!

Ohhhh, and did we also mention we help to plan/design/floralize thirty weddings, two elopements, and an international engagement shoot? Yep, you read that right... our team was busy this year! From the beaches of Malibu, to the Redwoods of Northern California, to the boulders of Joshua Tree... we got to travel to some of the most epic places in California to plan and produce some amazing weddings! 

Please scroll down for Full Photography Vendor list at end of post!


We had so many great collaborations throughout the year, including our one year Pop-Up Collective we created called LoveSpell, a feminist business incubator where we got to help get two wedding planning businesses get started! We formalized our mentorship/apprenticeship program and grew our in-house Burlap & Rose team. In addition, we continued our #WeddingWomenWednesday collaboration group, where we met over coffee in nature with some of our favorite entrepreneurial ladies in the wedding industry. The Burlap & Rose team as also active with many other local networking groups like our local Rising Tide/Tuesdays Together groups and the LA Wedding Vendors and Creatives group. We also expanded our horizons by participating in the Yeah Field Trip!, Yellow Collective + Conference, and the Being Boss Vacay in New Orleans. 

Travel + Expansions

In between all these great weddings of 2017, we also got to spend time traveling and expanding our horizons for 2018. We went venue scouting with clients in Virginia City, Nevada AND Napa, California, AND New Orleans, and one of our favorite places of all time, TULUM Mexico, oh my! We also got to take on a different role as Wedding Officiants for two of our close friends getting married. Most importantly... The Clarys also moved to Austin, Texas! We are so stoked to be able to continue our work in Southern California while also shifting our home base to the Hill Country of Texas... and of course, beyond! We love travel and will go anywhere your wedding takes us!

On a personal level, we also explored buying a venue in Joshua Tree (!!!) before ultimately deciding Austin was the better fit for us at this point. And, we're welcoming a new member of the team in early 2018... Baby Clary!

Holiday Party

We rounded out the year with a sweet Holiday Party with some of our favorite vendors, clients and friends. Check out some of the highlight photos from Julie Shuford, photobooth pics by Oh Snaptastic! and our lovely recap video by Anchor Pictures!

Full Vendor List from Holiday Party

Venue: @AsWeDwell

Hand crafted jewelry + Vintage Wares @FaithfulArtisans

Photography: Julie @julieshufordphotography

Videography: Mason + Savannah // Anchor Pictures @anchor.pictures

Burlap & Rose Team: Jen @burlapandrose

Aletha @romanceandrevelry

Alex @sprigevents

Luisa + Kat

Catering: Amy's Culinary Adventures @chefamyj

Bar: Yvette + Vincent @la.speakeasy

Desserts: Nika @sugarstudiola

DJ: @PrismDJs

Tessa @dj_tessa

ShanLynn @shanlynnmusic

Musicians: @triola

Luisa Cartagena (flute) @luisamcartagena

Lily(harp) + Simon (cello) @strangeinterlude

Photobooth: Monica Oh! Snaptastic @ohsnaptastic



Sophie @sibylsophiafloraldesign

Alex @sprigevents

Jen/Luisa @burlapandrose

Photos of Weddings in order from L to R:

Isaiah + Taylor, Cassie Rosch, Karl Verkade,

The Brides and the Bees, Nate Dumlao, LaRousse,

Nature Wedding Photography, Amy Gray Photo, Kathy Deninno

Amy Gray Photo, The Brides and the Bees, She of the Woods

Jessica Mendoza, Christine Flower, Red Anchor

Iris & Light, Client Photo, Julie Shuford,

Joe Clary Photo, Taylor Cole, Jose Alvarado, 

Amy Gray Photo, Julie Shuford, Jessica Andrade

The Allens, Hannah Costello, The Figlewicz

Abbi Cooley, Madison Hope, Norris Photo,

Elyse Fair, Josh Reiss, Betsy Newman