Getting Started with your Wedding Planning: Collaborative Planning!

Hi there,

Are you a new client, or considering working with us? Well then, let’s dive right in and talk about some of our favorite planning tools!

First, let’s discuss HOW we plan your wedding. We will get on the same page by sharing any contracts/invoices etc and organizing them. We’ll send over a digital folder full of our favorite planning resources, and you can pick and choose which are the most pertinent for your wedding.

We also REALLY love the resources available on some of our favorite wedding websites, like these:

A Practical Wedding. The name says it all! Practical resources and TONS of customizable spreadsheets for your wedding This is one of our all time fave sites, and we have been published on APW a few times(like this gorgeous wedding!)*

Offbeat Bride: Another site rooted in practicality, it’s also oriented to non-traditional weddings, but has great resources that can serve any wedding couple.

Zola: This site is wonderful because you can create your own wedding website, track guests and it has nice checklists as well!!!

Next, let’s discuss the process of working together!

Working with Burlap & Rose: We love weddings, and we love staying organized! For most of our Collaborative Planning clients, we schedule a phone chat about once per month to check in and stay on top of things. In between calls, email is our best friend, and we are usually very quick to respond (often within 24-48 hours, sometimes much quicker… though during busy wedding weekends we will get back to you during the work week!). We typically save texting for emergencies/4 weeks out from the wedding, because if we keep most of our written correspondence to email, it keeps everything neat and tidy and in one place.

Social Media: We do love sharing images and when clients tag us in comments of something you love, but if we start getting message over Instagram/Facebook, things can get a little messy, so email is still the best place to send us info you want to make sure reaches our eyeballs!

Timing: For the most part, we are flexible and we do try to work with client’s schedules to make the process as stress-free for you as possible! Unlike some vendors/planners/venues who ONLY work with you during the 9-5 M-F work week, we make things easy for YOU! We will schedule calls in the evening/nighttime etc, and we try our best to not reschedule calls or mtgs on our end, as we know you are busy and we want to respect that! If at all possible, we ask you to also keep to scheduled calls as much as possible, or give us 24 hrs notice when you can… but let’s be real, we know life happens and sometimes things come up so don’t stress it if you do have to postpone a chat!


*Our one word of caution about A Pratical Wedding and Offbeat Bride: sometimes their articles skew a leeetle heavy on the low-budget, you can do anything DIY side. And while we believe in sticking to a budget, we also think you have to be realistic about what things really cost!