Seasons, Milestones + Transitions!

I’ve been really looking forward to the summer season that has just started. I know it’s time for some changes personally, and with the solstice and start to a new season it feels like a great time to welcome in some new energy and ideas. 

Right before summer kicked off, we had the honor of collaborating on our 50th Burlap & Rose wedding since our founding!*  Yep, the Big 5-0! Getting to this milestone feels big and monumental. Laura + Rich’s non-traditional backyard wedding was a perfect celebration. We not only provided Full Service Planning for this wedding, but also design and florals and got to bring in some of our favorite vendors as well. It was a truly stunning bright, bold, colorful wedding. 

Photo by Sarina of Red Anchor Photo

Photo by Sarina of Red Anchor Photo

As we head into our third year of business, the change we are most excited about is moving more into Full Service, Design and Florals. We’re doing less Month-Of Coordinating, and instead we are collaborating more deeply with our clients to help create memorable rituals and celebrations that are still budget friendly AND well-designed! We’re transitioning to a stage of taking on less clients, and being more involved, and that change feels really exciting. 

What are you excited about in this new season? 



Photo by Kat + Leo of the Gathering Season

*I’ve also personally worked on dozens of other weddings with other planners as co-collaborators and have over 75+ total weddings under my belt, but the Big 5-0 under our Brand was with Laura and Rich on June 17!