Giving Back

Most of the events we produce are Weddings, which is inherently a time of joy and generosity. That spirit of community fuels the work we do on wedding days, and encourages us to give back to our communities in creative ways.

Guided by Flowers

Our main Philanthropic Partners is Guided By Flowers, an amazing initiative started by one woman in LA who is inspiring spin-offs across the country to re-use flowers after weddings and events, and gift them to people who need them most; namely people in hospice care. The circle of life//ritual of weddings is so joy-filled and life affirming and it makes so much sense to us to bring that joy (in the form of flowers!) to people nearing the end of their lies. Many of our couples have even dedicated their flowers in honor of loved ones who have passed away, and made the floral re-purposing a talking point at their wedding with little cards at each table explaining who the flowers are dedicated to and where they will be donated. It brings us so much happiness to make this happen, rather than see flowers trashed at the end of the night. (yes, sadly that is what most often happens if you don’t make a decision to have a more sustainable wedding and re-purpose your flowers!).

Here’s some of Guided By Flower’s work below, including one of the first Hospice patients holding her flowers.

Other Charitable Giving

We believe in trying to match our charitable + philanthropic giving to the work we are doing as much as possible, so we can direct our time, money and energy where we think it will make the most difference.

We featured a “bike-themed/same sex elopement” as one of our first styled wedding shoots, which for those who don’t know is a time for vendors to work together to create wedding inspiration for couples to think about new ways to create their wedding vision! We created this shoot to honor the one year anniversary of same sex marriage equality, and featured diverse models. We got the shoot published n order to keep encouraging the wedding industry to not only feature white, hetero couples. In addition, after this shoot, as a way to say thank you to all the vendors involved, we made a donation of a bicycle to a girl in a developing country to use to get to school.

When one of our wedding venues, Reptacular Ranch almost completely burned down, we made a donation to help rebuild the wonderful center with a delightful family farm onsite!

We have also proudly donated flowers to The Center in Hollywood’s Annual fundraiser.

Lastly, we regularly mentor young women in the industry who are starting in the wedding industry, and want an encouraging community and look to our founder Jen Clary as a mentor and coach.