When I was a bride planning my wedding, I wasn't sure that I even needed a Wedding Coordinator//Planner! At first, I thought I could just handle it on my own, and could scratch that cost off my budget. My prescient mother-in-law convinced me it would be worth every penny, and I had the good sense to listen to her. (Thanks again Lil!).

I think it's important to share that anecdote because I understand that many of you reading this might be in a similar position. It's hard to understand the value of something that you may not be sure you even need! When I finally realized that a Wedding Coordinator//Planner could be helpful, I knew that I couldn't break the bank on this line item, and I REALLY appreciated being able to see vendor's rates online. The most important value I can bring to clients(besides help with the actual wedding day!) is help understanding their budget, what typical things usually cost AND helping to hook you up with vendor discounts whenever possible.

Now, with over 100 weddings under my belt, I understand how much time and effort truly goes into even the most basic "coordination" package, and my current rates reflect my years of experience. However, I have been able to help several clients save significant chunks of change.

Examples of how I have helped Clients save $! 
-A recent couple was hoping to share some costs of a Destination Palm Springs wedding. I was able to negotiate a lowered overall venue rate, and reduce the charge for their Bridal Suite from $500 down to $85!
-A favorite photographer offers ALL of my clients $250 off any and all packages.
-I’ve saved clients from going to overpriced vendors, including helping one client choose a similar venue to one they loved, but was $3K less!

I am committed to being transparent with my rates, which is why I share this info online and don't make you play a cat and mouse game to learn my rates! However, each wedding will have a customized quote based on your venue, date, guest count, and more.  For the most part, the rates I have listed on the packages + rates page are updated and the minimums for each type of service, and are already very discounted considering what others charge for comparable services. I do offer some discounts, for preferred venues, weekday weddings, weddings under 75 people, etc so don't hesitate to ask!