Updated Packages + Rates for 2018-2019 Weddings

Package One: Wedding Coordination,

aka Month-Of/Day-Of Wedding Management: $2K-2.5K

For most weddings, the rate for the Coordination package is between $2K-2.5K. This rate is based on an understanding that even the most basic package usually takes a minimum of 50-100 hours to help pull together! We do offer some discounted rates for venues where we are on the Preferred Vendor List, like the SmogShoppe in Culver City and Millwick in DTLA. For smaller weddings and elopements, we are happy to offer a reduced rate, based on season and availability.

Package Two: Wedding Collaboration,

aka Partial Planning: $3, 500-5K

For many clients, this is our Goldilocks package! For the Partial Planning/Collaborative package, the planning work is generally shared 50/50 between the Wedding Couple and the Wedding Planning Team. For Destination Weddings and weddings more than 50 miles outside LA or Austin, we are suggest booking either our Partial or Full Service packages.

Package Three: Wedding Creation,

aka Full Service: $6-8K

We can customize Full Service Planning in any way that is most helpful for you! As a starting point, we have two options with our Wedding Creation Package:  Full Service Planning or Full Service Planning/Design/Florals

Full Service Planning starts at $6K: This is a great option for clients who have a slightly bigger budget, and want to hand over all of the planning work to someone else! Recent studies have shown that many modern couples spend over 400 hours planning their wedding when everything is factored in.

Full Service Planning/Design/Florals starts at $8K: Rather than hiring a Wedding Planner, an Event Stylist, and a Florist, this package covers all those bases! 

Additional Services: 

Officiants: Two of our team Members, Aletha Stainbrook and Joe Clary, are Ordained Officiants and can help you craft Secular and Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremonies. This was a service we initially added on as a back-up when we had an Officiant cancel on a client last minute, but more and more clients are inquiring about keeping more services within our team. Rates for Officiant Services typically begin at $350. 

Musicians: Luisa Cartagena on our team is both an accomplished Wedding Planner and Musician who can create live music ensembles with any instrument you choose!


*A word about pricing and discounts: The rates listed above are the starting average ranges for services, because in all truth, every wedding is very different! Let’s why I like to gather as much info as possible and have an initial consultation call to learn more about your wedding vision and your wants and needs in the planning process. I base my rates on approx. number of guests, size of wedding party, location of ceremony/reception, specific venue considerations, length of time until your wedding, level of services requested, and more. For the most part, these rates are fairly set, however, if you are on a budget and your needs warrant a discount(off-season, smaller wedding, less time until wedding, etc) I am always happy to consider it!